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 Infotech English for Computer Users (Third Edition)

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PostSubject: Infotech English for Computer Users (Third Edition)   Infotech English for Computer Users (Third Edition) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 12, 2008 2:14 pm

Infotech English for Computer Users (Third Edition)

Infotech English for Computer Users (Third Edition) 48604_s__infotech_english_for_compu

The third edition has been thoroughly revised and updated to take into account recent changes in technology and multimedia.

A link from the Student Book pages to web-based activities provides students with further opportunities to develop their knowledge and language skills.

The course does not require a specialist knowledge of computers and is ideal for anyone who needs to understand the English of computing for study or work.

Key Features

Focuses on a wide range of skills such as planning a cybercafe choosing a printer, sending an email or designing a web page.

Uses authentic reading texts from the fast-moving world of computing to keep learners in touch with recent developments and maintain their interest.

Comprehensive glossary of terms helps students understand typical abbreviations such as MPEG.

The Workbook contains extra reading texts, vocabulary review, language practice and writing activities, giving students extra opportunities for self-study.


Section 1
Unit 1 - Computer Applications
Unit 2 - Configuration
Unit 3 - Inside the system
Unit 4 - Bits and bytes
Unit 5 - Buying a computer

Section 2
Unit 6 - Type, click and talk!
Unit 7 - Capture your favourite image
Unit 8 - Viewing the output
Unit 9 - Choosing a printer
Unit 10 - I/O devices for the disabled

Section 3
Unit 11 - Magnetic drives
Unit 12 - Optical breakthrough

Section 4
Unit 13 - Operating systems
Unit 14 - The graphical user interface
Unit 15 - A walk through word processing
Unit 16 - Spreadsheets
Unit 17 - Databases
Unit 18 - Faces of the internet

Section 5
Unit 19 - Graphics and design
Unit 20 - Desktop publishing
Unit 21 - Web design
Unit 22 - Multimedia

Section 6
Unit 23 - Program design
Unit 24 - Languages
Unit 25 - The Java revolution
Unit 26 - Jobs in computing

Section 7
Unit 27 - Electronic communications
Unit 28 - Internet issues
Unit 29 - LANs and WANs
Unit 30 - New technologies


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Infotech English for Computer Users (Third Edition)
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