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 MS Excel VBA Programming For The Absolute Beginners 2nd Edition

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PostSubject: MS Excel VBA Programming For The Absolute Beginners 2nd Edition   Fri Jul 25, 2008 2:18 am

Visual Basic For Application (VBA for short) is a programming environment designed to work with MS Office applications (Word, Excel, Access and Power Point). components in each application (for example, worksheets or documents) are exposed as objects to the programmer to use and manipulate to a desired end. Almost anything you cand do through the normal use of the Office application can also be automated thourgh programming.
VBA is a complete programming language, but you can't use it outside the application in which it is integrated. This does not mean VBA can be integrated only with Office programs. Any software vendor that decides to implement VBA can include it with their application.
VBA is relatively easy to learn, but to use it in a new application, you must first become familiar with the "object model" of the application. For example, the "Document" and "Dictionary" objects are specific to the Word object mode, whereas the "workbook", "Worksheet" and "Range" objects are specific to the Excel object model. As you proceed through this book, you will see that the Excel Object model is faifly extensive; however, if you are familiar with Excel, you will find that using theese objects is generally straightforward.


chapte 01 - Visual Basic For Applications (VBA) With Excel
chapte 02 - Beginning Programs With VBA
chapte 03 - Procedures and Conditions
chapte 04 - Loops And Arrays
chapte 05 - Basic Excel Objects
chapte 06 - VBA UserForms And Additional Controls
chapte 07 - Error Handling, Debugging, And Basic File I/O
chapte 08 - Using XML With Excel-VBA Projects
chapte 09 - Excel Charts
chapte 10 - VBA Shapes


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MS Excel VBA Programming For The Absolute Beginners 2nd Edition
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